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A favorite activity for LQ and me is drawing at the dining room table. Lately she’s been into coloring pages. I found some online, but most of the characters she loves best do not have readily available coloring pages. I decided to remedy this situation by creating our own coloring pages.

I’m sharing them below in case you or a kid you love wants to spend some time coloring. I own none of these characters, so I am not selling them. Please take them as they are intended: loving tributes. LQ certainly enjoys coloring her favorite characters.

Dirty, from Kate and Jim McMullen’s series
Stinky, from Kate and Jim McMullen’s series
Mighty, from Kate and Jim McMullen’s series
Sender, from the cartoon “Stinky and Dirty,”
which is based on Kate and Jim McMullen’s book series
Supertruck, from the book of the same name, by Stephen Savage.
I’ve read this book to LQ hundreds of times.
Supertruck is her first superhero crush.
Garfield, of course. By Jim Davis.
Garfield napping. By Jim Davis.
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the garfield effect

In an effort to dredge up my entire life history on this blog, I present you with perhaps the most important letter I have ever received.  For the full back story, please read this post.

The short version is: when I was a kid, I wrote a letter to Jim Davis, creator of Garfield, imploring him to stop the exploitation of his characters.  What I got back was a very nice form letter.  He did sign it, at least.garfield-letter
This letter changed the course of my life.  Soon after, I started reading Calvin & Hobbes.  Bill Watterson’s strict ethic about his work and the control of his characters resonated with me.  I had seen the dark side, and I never wanted to look back.

Now that I have my own comic strip, I look at Jim Davis and Bill Watterson’s ideas as opposite sides on a spectrum.  There is plenty of ideological space between the two.  Note that I’m not against licensing my characters.  But when that fateful day does come, I will have a balanced view.

I’m glad I had this devastating experience as a kid, or I wouldn’t be the fully-formed adult I am now.