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I had the great honor of being interviewed by David Gardner of One Thought Podcast. We talked about my practice, influences, and a whole range of digressions. It was a lot of fun, and I think I don’t come off sounding completely incoherent. Have a listen! David is a great host.

Listen here.

(Or find it wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.)

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in case you missed it

I was interviewed by fellow cartoonist Palle Schmidt for his blog, Writing With Pictures.


Palle and I met at MoCCA in April.  He was nice enough to offer me an interview as part of a series he is doing on his blog.  Much to my surprise and delight, we ran into each other again at San Diego ComicCon.  He was there promoting his new graphic novel, The Devil’s Concubine.  Getting to know Palle was one of the highlights of ComicCon; he is not only a talented cartoonist, he’s a professional illustrator who knows how to market his work.  I mostly listened to him and hopefully I’ve picked up a few things.  (The re-categorizing of this here blog was at the top of my list when I returned from San Diego.)


Thanks for the interview, Palle!  As for the rest of you, check out his book.