Gil Clemens: the concluding chapter

Gil Clemens and I never got to film a concluding chapter to our documentary, so I gathered some unused video and recorded a bit of narration. Gil is zipping across the universe now. I think of him whenever I look up.

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falling rock sells out for april fools!

ian-april-foolMy good friend Ian Kennedy took over Falling Rock for April Fool’s Day. This continues a longstanding trend in which I ask a different friend to draw the April Fool strip each year. Past honorees have included Andy K, my brother, my wife Isis, and Nate.

Ian went for the olde timey newspaper advertisement style. I think he nailed the look of those old ads, especially the hand-drawn type. I’m also happy Falling Rock finally has a sponsor. It feels good to sell out.

For those of you who don’t live in Portland, “Semler” is the name of an old building in downtown. I used to see it every day when walking to the MAX train after work.

Enjoy the break from my oppressive worldview today! I don’t think Ernesto has ever looked better!