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Lost Weekend

Bill “Burpy” Shakespeare had a Lost Weekend. His lasted a few years in his young adulthood. To this day, no one knows what Shakespeare was up to during that time. He wasn’t writing, that’s for darn sure. Or if he was writing, it was under a pseudonym. Something like “Marlowe.”

John Lennon, also from the UK, had himself a Lost Weekend. During that time he did a lot of drugs and wrote a pretty awful album. But after he got back, he was good again.
Maybe a Lost Weekend is a good thing to have. Recharge the batteries, try stuff you never thought you’d try. I wonder if I should take one. Drop off the grid for a couple years. Resurface with a stack of comics that will blow people’s minds. It sounds so promising, and yet…

I tend to plan these things out too much. A Lost Weekend should be completely unplanned. All inhibitions de-hibited. Live out of the back of my car, eat processed food, have hallucinations. You can’t go into a Lost Weekend with an agenda. It just won’t work.

If you have a Lost Weekend of your own, be sure to send me a postcard.