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the sights of sandy

sandy-streetSandy isn’t just a road in Portland. It is a lifestyle, one that hearkens back to the days when the Pacific Northwest was a bit wilder, a bit less gentrified. There are things on Sandy that just couldn’t exist anywhere else in the city. Now that Isis and I have the great fortune of living on this historic street, I can report on the many gifts Sandy imparts on its people.

Fountain.decorative-fountainFountains similar to this can be found in the older parts of the city. They are constantly running through the spring and summer. When it isn’t raining they can really come in handy. This is by far the fanciest of these fountains. Clearly it belongs next to a statue of George have we decided to immortalize the first president of the United States? He never came to Portland. I don’t think he ever tried a microbrew (well, maybe. Were they all microbrews back then?). In any case, George looks stoically northeast, as if towards the hated England.

Sandy boasts a thriving entertainment center. One of the local television stations is stationed here.katuAs is the historic Hollywood Theater. Why Hollywood? Portland has been the filming site for a number of huge movies. At least two of them starred Harrison Ford.hollywood-theaterNearer to us is the beautiful one-screen theater, the Roseway. Highly recommended.roseway-theaterAfter a late show, why not head down the street for some live nude girls? Pirate’s Cove is easily spotted due to its shape (a jug) and its inventive message board.
Today’s message? “No Comment.” pirates-coveNo important street is complete without a branch of the public library. Sandy hosts the Gregory Heights branch of the Multnomah County Library.library1By far the most lovely storefront on Sandy is Ed’s House of Gems. It is a rock shop. It is also really big, which leads me to assume Portland is chock full of rock hounds. eds-house-of-gems2eds-house-of-gems1Quality Tires is as advertized, I guess. It used to be a gas station, by the looks of things, but is now a gigantic pile of tires. They lock the tires up after hours behind a chain link fence, so don’t even think of trying to sneak in at night and stealing all these beautiful, precious tires.tires5tires3tires2tires1Only two blocks away from the pile of tires is The Grotto, a Place of Solitude, Peace, and Prayer.
Really, it is a lovely place, tucked into the side of a hill, with space for a service as well as paths for wandering.grotto1grotto2Near the 205, Sandy leaves Portland for the eastern suburbs of Gresham and Troutdale. At this transitional place, there is a tiny hidden cemetery. Some of Portland’s oldest residents are buried here. Someday I’d love to look up a bit more about this place and the people who are buried here. I’m sure there is some major Portland history in this place. Fitting that it resides on Sandy.

pioneer-cemetery1My journey along Sandy ended at the 205. This traveler, looking east, presumably laughing at all the terrible weather he’s leaving behind for the bucolic Pacific Northwest, will be my end mark. Thanks for traveling along Sandy with me.


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b-movie bingo

First of all, you need to move to Portland.  It’s really the only option.  Second, you need to come with me, on the first Tuesday of every month, to B-Movie Bingo at the Hollywood Theater.

At B-Movie Bingo, you are handed a bingo card like this one:

Then you watch a cheesy movie (usually from the 1980’s).  If you bingo, you get prizes like free movie tickets, candy, and a DVD of a spinning pizza.  B-Movie Bingo is more about the journey than the destination, though.  The real joy is in the watching and the playing.

Before the movie begins, Wolf Choir (a band who now hosts this instead of playing music) shows this instructional clip, explaining the bingo card:

Watching bad movies is fun.  Playing bingo to them is truly sublime.

So, to recap:
1. Move to Portland
2. Come to B-Movie Bingo, first Tuesday of the month, at the Hollywood Theater.
I can promise you at least two cartoonists will be in attendance.