ominous signs for ominous times

This is a redhead, also known as a ginger.
It’s actually me.

See how normal I look? Not at all like I’m descended from a cat, or an alien-human hybrid. The reason I mention this is because apparently people type these things into Google all the freaking time.
These are the top suggestions you get when you type “redheads are” into the Google search engine. “Redheads are gross” is the top search people have performed, followed closely by “redheads are aliens.” I certainly prefer “redheads are trouble,” because that’s 100% true.

I’m surprised that so many people think there’s a secret laboratory in which Scottish scientists grafted alien bone marrow onto a human baby to create the first ginger kid. That is 100% false.

Redheads are apparently a misunderstood creature. Some people say we’re going extinct in the next 50 years. Well, I certainly don’t plan on dying that soon and I know gingers younger than I who don’t either.

Redheads are so popular, in fact, they appear in the mainstream (liberal) media. Petey, from the comic strip Cul de Sac, is one of the greats.
Don’t fear us; we can’t help how awesome we are. And please stop typing weird stuff about us into Google.