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Are you there God? It’s Me, Friday Robots.

friday robot 4-4-08

Friday Robot: Behind the Scenes

A particularly ugly Friday Robot lets me know about it.friday-robot-apologize

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A Remembrance of Friday Robots Past

A collage of sorts, using Friday Robots from the recent past.

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Love the Friday Robot You’re With

This robot reminds me of one of those Maine mosquitoes.

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friday robots are my wonderwall

Friday robots are back! After being preempted for Obama Shirt ’08, we find our heroes in the Pacific Northwest. What are they up to? Where will they be next week? Each episode of Friday Robots always seems to raise more questions than it answers.
friday-robots-5-2-8In a completely unrelated note, I’d like to talk about two other Friday features on the web. There is a feature of the AV Club called Friday Buzzkills. It’s a sweet little post almost every Friday. The AV Club finds news that will bring us all down on this otherwise glorious day of the week. Well, I believe NPR has bested the AV Club for Friday Buzzkills. They have a program called StoryCorps, in which old people talk about their lives and the tapes are all sent to the National Archives in D.C. They play pieces of them on Friday mornings. Sounds like a nice, uplifting way to begin your Friday.

WRONG. StoryCorps specializes in the most depressing kind of stories. Death, racism, poverty: you name it, StoryCorps has it covered. Even in supposedly uplifting stories, there is the discernible odor of tragedy lurking just around the corner. Don’t believe me? Listen to today’s little exercise in darkness.

Falling Rock National Blog assures you that it won’t stoop the the saddest common denominator, like the Great Betrayer NPR. Falling Rock strives to bring you the most uplifting, light-hearted news of any blog in its vicinity. Stay back, Mr. Death! Falling Rock is here.

friday robots for peace

Since I’ve been making a Beatles mix for a friend who, crazy as it sounds, has not listened to them yet, I decided that these robots are the peaceful type. Peace, love, and lots of weed. Here you can see the robots in their natural habitat: my sketchbook. I think these robots are capable of flight.friday-robots-5-9-08

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everybody’s got something to hide except for me and my friday robots

As the Bard John Lennon said, “The higher you fly, the deeper you go, so come on.”friday-robots-5-16-08

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what we talk about when we talk about friday robots

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everybody.
I’ll be back by Tuesday.
Until then, let Friday Robots be your guide.
Don’t do anything they wouldn’t do.f-r-5-23-08

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josh is cool

The next time I Google “josh is cool,” which happens 10-20 times per day, at least one post will pop up. I need that sort of affirmation in my life.

Without further ado, here are this week’s Friday Robots!

Friday Robots have been brought to you today by the letter Q and the number 22.

Friday Robots

I cannot take credit for these robots. I’ve been reading this wonderful book: Siteless. There are literally hundreds of sketches just like these, and I’ve been copying them because they’re so much fun to draw. They are actually architectural forms, removed from their context.

I think they would feel right at home next to my other robots.friday-robots-6-6-8


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