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4 Robots for Friday!

Today I begin what I hope will be a recurring event on this here blog: Friday Robots. I draw ’em and you look at ’em. Have a good Friday, everybody.

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Friday Robots!

friday-robots 11-16-07
Hurray! It’s Friday Robots day again here at Falling Rock National Blog. I know I don’t need to tell you, but just as a reminder, if you see one of these robots coming at you, day or night, you should run away. Robots, even those designed with the best of intentions, have a habit of turning evil at the drop of a hat.

That is all.

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friday-robots 11-23-07


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Friday Robots!!!

fridayrobots11-30-2007Okay, I’ve done one that’s a bit Abstract Robots. The black and white background image is a picture of Mt. Hood I took, back before it was covered in snow.

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Friday Robot

friday-robots 12-6-7
Today I wanted to get back to last week’s image of Mt. Hood, except I wanted to show the mountain more clearly. What better way to show off a beautiful mountain peak than by drawing a giant robot flying over it?

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Friday Robots

Three robots
Watercolor with colored pencil
Boulder in the background.
friday robot 12-14-2007

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Where do Friday Robots Come From?

Fairy dust, of course!

Specifically, they originate from the wand of this fairy:
Just a sprinkle of shiny, sparkly magic, and I’m ready to draw robots.

I avoid the fairy for the rest of the week. His breath stinks of fish and his hair is greasy.

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Collage Robots

The comparisons to Picasso and Braque may now begin.
friday robots 12-21-2007

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End of the Year Robots

friday robot 12-28-2007


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Monday Robots

Since I missed the last two Fridays, here is a series of robots for your Monday morning.friday-robots 1-14-08

They are influenced by the Led Zeppelin crop circles. For full effect, imagine Jimmy Page wailing on his guitar and Robert Plant wailing.

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