inktober 2016

I participated in #inktober again this year. My series of dinosaur models, or dinonistas, was one of the most popular things I ever did on social media.


tiny clothes

From my sketchbook!  I drew regular-sized clothes, then drew them again as small as my pen would allow.tiny-clothes

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bring back the bustle

   tissot400x20Women were undeniably hot in the 1870’s. How do I know this? There are pictures to prove it.crose1marb450victorian-bustle-dresses-form-wwwvintageconnectionnet
The bustle combines two of my favorite things in fashion: putting women in cages and exaggerating a their proportions into something so bizarre it looks more like a cartoon than a human body.dress

I say, bring back the bustle. Not as a novelty or a wedding gown, but an everyday wardrobe choice.

This is a win-win. Men: can you imagine your wife in a better outfit? Her waist tied to a slim 7 or 8 inches, her backside highlighted by a metal contraption that may or may not be related to an umbrella. Women: are you tired of those strange dudes leering at you while you’re out doing your business, living your life? You can hide weapons inside your bustle. I’m not talking about that sissy mace you hide in your purse. I’m talking bear traps, nun chucks, jars of antimatter that will create world-devouring black holes.

Let’s take one of the best ideas from the Victorian era and make it vital again. Bring back the bustle!

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Portland Fashion Week 2008

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