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would you wear this shirt?

As it turns out, there are benefits to being a blogger.  These nice people offered me a free t-shirt, just to show off their expertise.

The printing is of a higher quality than what you find at CafePress.  You might recognize the design: it’s the cover to my Falling Rock collection See America First!


I’m wondering if you, my dear readers, would buy such a shirt if I offered it at conventions?


In the meantime, you will be able to see me riding around Portland in this very shirt, flaunting my status as blogger and cartoonist.  Glasses may or may not be present.

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April Fools in the Uncanny Valley

Today continues a grand tradition of me taking the day off.  I asked my friend Reid (known for his renderings of possibly fictitious animals) to lend his drawing hand for today’s strip.  He took Falling Rock someplace it’s never been before: the Uncanny Valley.  I’ve written about my distaste for this particular valley, so I was thrilled when Reid came up with this joke.  He pulled it off better than I ever would have been able to do.

When he first showed me the strip he told me the difficulty was in determining what kind of lizard and what kind of owl are Ernesto and Carver.  Ernesto, it turns out, is a cross between a horned lizard and a gila monster (one that wears a baseball jersey and walks on his hind legs, at that).  Carver is a pygmy burrowing owl.  Here you can see his process drawings:
I love Reid’s contribution.  I want to ask him to draw all my animal characters in this realistic style.  What will Pam and Melissa look like?

Why not take a trip down memory lane?  Here are previous years’ April Fool strips:

2011 – Kenan Rubenstein
2010 – Ian Kennedy
2009 – Easter Island statues (me)
2008 – Partner blogger McBone

inking weekend

I inked 9 pages this weekend and I have 6 to go. After that, 5 pages to write and then draw. Issue 2 is coming along more slowly than I would like, but I think we’ll all be happy with the result. Here’s a couple pictures of inked pages.

Finishing up the pages! #process

8 pages inked, 6 to go. #process #weekend

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issue 5 in production

A little status update. Falling Rock issue 5 is at the printer now and I should be receiving them the first or second week of February. Here, then, is a taste of what you’ll find inside:

Falling Rock National Park, issue 6

issue-6-coverFalling Rock National Park #6 is at the printer right now, being printed! Real ink is being laid down on real paper, and when the process has completed I will have in my hands 500 copies of the greatest detective story ever told! Want to know who is the culprit? You’ll have to read it yourself to find out.

Subscribers have already been emailed, and I will be taking preorders for this issue at my Buy Books page.

If you live in Los Angeles, I hope to see you at WonderCon! March 25-27. I’m exhibiting at Small Press table 93. I’ll have #6, as well as previous issues, Tomb of the Zombies and Jack Ketch, prints, and maybe even a special surprise (involving dinosaurs).

falling rock comic strip: super villains


100 years of parks

Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir, the fathers of the National Park Service

Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir, the fathers of the National Park Service

The National Park Service celebrated its centennial this past Thursday.
I cannot imagine this country without its parks, monuments, and forests.
They are indisputably American.
As we head into a Presidential election, it’s easy to become cynical. I resist that impulse as much as I can.
Knowing previous generations were smart enough to leave us these parks, I feel heartened for the future of our country.
We got something right.
Here’s to 100 years more!

issue 7 progress

Fear not, dear reader, Falling Rock National Park has not gone away. I’ve been chipping away at issue 7 for the past year. It certainly is the longest time between issues, and for that I apologize. Family, and life, sometimes necessitate a break from comics. This is a good thing.

I wanted to share a bit of the process for this issue, since it is already quite different from all previous issues. So far I’ve been penciling pages digitally, on my iPad. This is what they look like right now:

When I finish a page I print it out on 11×17 paper. Currently I’m thinking that I will still ink issue 7 on paper with a brush, as I have done in the past. Issue 7 is, like #6, one single story. It will run 24 pages and it will contain jokes. That’s all I will say for now.

Thanks for sticking around! I wish you happy holidays, and stay tuned for more updates in 2018. Onward!

issue 7 progress

I have been chipping away at issue 7 for the past few months and I am happy to report I will finish inking it by the end of the week!
I can’t wait to share this new story with all of you. Stay tuned for updates regarding print date. It will be ready well before San Diego ComicCon in July.

San Diego ComicCon

This week I will once again be exhibiting at San Diego ComicCon.
Small Press, table O6
Come find me! Or Tweet @ me! Or drop me a line! Or whatever moves you.
I’ll be there selling Falling Rock and dinosaurs.