scott adsit, why won’t you accept my friend request?

Hey, Mr. Adsit. Really dig your show.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Scott Adsit two times last year, first at Stumptown and then at ComicCon.  It was a real coup, meeting an actor whose work I enjoy on a weekly basis and being able to tell him that without sounding like a complete nincompoop.

Shortly after our second meeting, I found Scott on Facebook, the social networking website that has taken the world by storm.  Oh, you’ve heard of Facebook?  Well, then don’t let me bore you.

I friended Scott, thinking our two meetings would definitely qualify me as Facebook Friend Material.  After all, I have all kinds of friends on The Face.  Actual real-life friends*, cartoonists whom I have never met but whose comics I love**, that girl I met at a party once and whose profile I return to almost daily***.  Having Scott Adsit as a Facebook friend would be both completely awesome for me and completely mundane for him.

After a few months went by with no email telling me Scott had accepted my friend request, I figured I had been quietly ignored.  Not so!

My friend request is still pending!  There is still hope for me to be Scott’s Facebook friend.  I am hereby using the mighty power of this blog to reach out to Scott in the hope that he will finally, and with great fanfare, accept my friend request.  Scott, I would love to be your 678th friend.

*Like Andy K, who has only used Facebook a total of three times in his life.
**Bill Griffith, Mike Mignola, and many more
***No comment.