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Emerald City ComicCon has a lot going for it. It’s a well run show, the focus is on comics, and in the evenings you get to be in Seattle.
This year began with a good omen: a Discarded Couch of Seattle.
I tabled with Reid, continuing our longstanding tradition.
We were fortunate to be seated next to Tyrell and Scott, making table DD a force to be reckoned with.
(It helped that Farel Dalrymple, Brandon Graham, and Simon Roy were also there.)

Tyrell holds up a page he drew in issue 5.
Tyrell holds up a page he drew in issue 5.
Reid covered my table when I took a lunch break.
Reid covered my table when I took a lunch break.

Five issues into Falling Rock National Park, I’m feeling happier than ever with the direction it’s taking. Selling a pack of all five issues is satisfying to attendees who want the collected adventures. I’m also proud to see the series progress. One or two issues is a good start, but now I feel like it’s a real series.

Thank you for a welcome reception, Seattle. I will see you next year!

When in Seattle, be sure to visit The Crumpet Shop.
When in Seattle, be sure to visit The Crumpet Shop.
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see you in seattle

This weekend I’ll be at Emerald City ComicCon. I will have the brand new Falling Rock issue 5, the first all-Pam issue! Reid Psaltis will be sharing a table with me, and Tyrell Cannon will be right next door. Get all your indie comics and prints in one 15 square foot area. Here’s a handy map to find me among the lovely people living free.

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Emerald City ComiCon 2014

seattle-rain2 seattle-rain seattle-pike-placeSeattle brought the rain this year, as promised. It also brought a much bigger convention than last year. The crowds swelled first thing Friday at 10am and didn’t ease until Sunday afternoon. Even the absence of Captain Picard this year didn’t keep fans at home. It seems that a bunch of indie cartoonists can be a draw unto themselves. (Excuse the pun.)

My sometimes-tablemate Reid is doing his convention victory lap this year. He has been accepted into a fancy college for science illustration and will trade his cartoonist brush for an illustration brush this fall. (They are actually the same brush.) We honored our shared history by taking lots of photos of our table decorations and ourselves.
josh-reid2 josh-reid1 josh-reid4 josh-reid3What could possibly top a three day convention high? Only the 39th President of the United States!

Jimmy Carter came to Elliott Bay Books on Monday to sign his latest book, A Call to Action. I, along with a few hundred old hippies, waited amiably in line for the chance to meet one of our greatest Commanders in Chief. As readers of this here blog can attest, I’m a big fan of President Carter. Since I was wearing my Carter t-shirt, I got interviewed for a local paper. Unfortunately I take a lousy picture, and it turns out I was semi-incoherent after meeting my hero.
jimmy-carter4 jimmy-carter3 jimmy-carter1On our way home, Reid took me to the best pizza joint in Olympia, Washington: Old School Pizzeria. It wins at delicious thin crust pizza and at being a time machine to 1986. Most importantly, it features a mural of all the superheroes you could ever need in a dicey situation. I felt very safe eating at Old School.
olympia1That about does it for the first convention of 2014. Next up: Linework NW right here in Portland, Oregon!

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Emerald City ComicCon 2013

This was my first time at the Emerald City ComicCon. My sometimes-tablemate Reid, who last year conquered this Con, was back for a second round. He gave me the following advice:

With that in mind, I set up. I shared space with Tyrell Cannon, who is at this point more legend than man. Think Alan Moore mixed with Jake Gyllenhaal. We were a smashing success, hailed by one attendee as his favorite table at the show.

Between the two of us and Reid and Matt, you’d think there was nothing else worth visiting. You would be wrong. The following are just a few of the cartoonists who made the show Twitter-famous:

Farel Dalrymple

Francois Vigneault

Lucy Bellwood

Miriam Libicki

Victoria Ying
Mike Yamada

Bill Robinson

Hannah Partlow

Eric Esquivel

Covering the Con was intrepid reporter Henry Barajas. Henry does not have a household name. Yet.

Morgan Gendel, writer of “The Inner Light,” the very best episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation was selling copies of his Hugo Award winning script. I got to chat with Morgan and bask in the glow of his genius. I learned he went on to write for Law & Order, which surprised me since I don’t recall that show being set in outer space.

Thanks to the kind people of Washington for putting on such a great show. I will return next year!

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