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TacoCopter CHAPTER 4

TacoCopter is back! The fourth chapter of the TacoCopter Saga delves more deeply into TacoCopter’s psyche. He has reached an existential impasse. Will he wallow forever in self-doubt? Hardly. TacoCopter shows us that even drones have dreams.

If you’d like to catch up:
Chapter 1
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And now, on to Chapter 4…

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the TacoCopter saga, PART TWO

Continued from yesterday’s post:

The saga ends here, for now. STAY TUNED FOR FURTHER INSTALLMENTS OF:


Blog comic

the TacoCopter saga, PART ONE

It all started when my coworker Seamus sent me a link to an article claiming a company in San Francisco was going to use unmanned drones to deliver tacos. This ingenius idea, which is currently being quashed by those party-poopers at the FAA, ingnited my imagination. Soon TacoCopter was born as a comic strip. For the past few months you could only read TacoCopter’s exploits on the wall behind Seamus’ desk. Now, for the first time, I am making the first two chapters of TacoCopter available to you, absolutely free. Because if you can’t get tacos delivered to you by drone, at least you can read about it.  Without further ado, I present TacoCopter, Chapter One.