lifelong dreams

My lifelong dreams:

1.  Be a professional cartoonist.
2.  Touch the rough skin of a real, live stegosaurus.
3.  Ditto almost any other dinosaur.
4.  Be Tweeted @ by Ashton Kutcher.
5.  Remix George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass so it doesn’t sound like Phil Spector barfed all over it.
6.  Become friends with at least one otter (river or sea, doesn’t matter).
7.  Punch Dick Cheney in his stupid face.
8.  Create everlasting world peace (this one must happen after #7, obviously).
9.  Rashida Jones.
10.  Find out if anything is living underneath the ice crust of Jupiter’s moon Europa.

Some of these may be far-fetched, but if you’re not dreaming big, you’re probably only dreaming about getting an eggnog flavored milkshake at McDonald’s.

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josh’s 115th dream

Usually I don’t write down my dreams. They are long, have casts of hundreds, and don’t follow conventional story structure. They are much better experienced than told. However, I thought I’d share this dream, which was so powerful I literally jumped out of bed in the dark, found a pad of paper and pen, and wrote these woefully inadequate notes:

– war of bugs versus man
– got started accidentally
– robots and bugs have the real beef
– man is below both of their levels
– a few humans started fighting and it got all blown out of proportion