Discarded Couches of Portland: SEASON 2

On my way home, I took this discarded chair as a sign that Discarded Couches of Portland was gearing up for a new season.
Soft chair
Little did I know that Discarded Couches of Portland: Season 2 was already underway! Take a gander at this beauty, the first sighting of the year.
Discarded Couch of Portland 1
Take note, Portlanders. March 26 was the beginning of Discarded Couch season.

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new discarded couch of portland

I thought couch-discarding season was over when the weather turned cold and rainy, so I was happily surprised Thursday morning when I saw this beaut sitting on a quiet residential street. It’s right across from a park, so you could presumably use the couch for a nice picnic, if you wanted to lug it across the street.
I put it up on Discarded Couches of Portland, so go check out all the discarded couches I saw this year.

Just for kicks, here are two couches currently languishing in a warehouse in SE Portland. Will they ever find a good home? They don’t get to be included on Discarded Couches (because technically they haven’t been discarded so much as forgotten) but you can think of them as a bonus.