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let it be

picture book

What follows are a few pages of a children’s book I was hired to illustrate back in 2015. The book hasn’t hit shelves yet, so I am omitting the text and only presenting the art as an example of my work. I drew these on two sets of pages, the ink outlines on one and the watercolors on another. I then put them together digitally.
It was a big project for me: 24 full color pages, and I had to come up with character designs for the prospector and his mule based on the author’s instructions. The end result is different from anything I’ve done. The process taught me a lot. I made the original sketches on the computer, then printed them out and used a lightbox to ink onto Bristol Board. Digital pencils/traditional brush and ink is a technique I’ve since used for my comics.

It’s a cute story about working together and the value of friendship. I hope I can share a way to purchase it sometime soon.

24 page children’s book, watercolor and digital ink, 2015

24 page children’s book, watercolor and digital ink, 2015

24 page children’s book, watercolor and digital ink, 2015

friday robots

A sort of painted butterfly wing robot for this, the first Friday of February 2017.

desert landscapes

I drew these using the Procreate app on my iPad Pro.
Been experimenting with a hand drawn look on the computer and I think I’m zeroing in on it.
Stay tuned! I’m sure there will be more where this came from.

inktober week 5

Friday Robots


Would you like a digital drawing based on a photo of yourself? I can draw you! Choose one of the options below, single or couples portrait, then email me a few photos to use as reference.

$25 (US) for single portraits, $50 for couples.

I will email the drawing to you within a week!


friday robots

Today’s Friday Robot was inspired by a spread in a book by Patrick McDonnell. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. His brushwork is particularly compelling. With this, I was attempting to approximate the look digitally.

friday robots

We made it to another Friday! And so, to celebrate our impending co-existence with super intelligent robots, here is today’s entry in Friday Robots. This robot, like so many others, enjoys contemplating the intricacy of nature.

the grand canyon turns 100

On February 26, 1919, the Grand Canyon became a National Park. The geologic formations, which are actually quite a bit older, were preserved for generations to come. In honor of this historic anniversary, I made a drawing of the North Rim.

Our National Parks are more than vacation destinations. They are our heritage and our legacy. They are arguably the most American thing of all. Without that protected land, innumerable species of plants and animals would have gone extinct long ago. Rivers that irrigate our land and water our cities might be polluted and unusable. In short, there is no human project more important than knowing what not to develop.

When these lands are destroyed, they never come back. Here’s to the Grand Canyon, may it last far into the future.