Discarded Couches of Portland: SEASON 2

On my way home, I took this discarded chair as a sign that Discarded Couches of Portland was gearing up for a new season.
Soft chair
Little did I know that Discarded Couches of Portland: Season 2 was already underway! Take a gander at this beauty, the first sighting of the year.
Discarded Couch of Portland 1
Take note, Portlanders. March 26 was the beginning of Discarded Couch season.

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new discarded couch of portland

I thought couch-discarding season was over when the weather turned cold and rainy, so I was happily surprised Thursday morning when I saw this beaut sitting on a quiet residential street. It’s right across from a park, so you could presumably use the couch for a nice picnic, if you wanted to lug it across the street.
I put it up on Discarded Couches of Portland, so go check out all the discarded couches I saw this year.

Just for kicks, here are two couches currently languishing in a warehouse in SE Portland. Will they ever find a good home? They don’t get to be included on Discarded Couches (because technically they haven’t been discarded so much as forgotten) but you can think of them as a bonus.

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discarded couches of portland

For the past year, I’ve been taking pictures of couches that have been left out on the sidewalk. For the first time, I’ve collected them and present them to you, dear readers. My hope is these discarded couches, when viewed as a group, become something more. Like a flock of brokendown flightless birds.