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the great mug review, part 2

L1010722 Had you asked me at the end of last year what my outlook was, mug-wise, I would have shed a silent tear. Fortunately these past weeks have brought mugs I never would have imagined using, let alone having the great pleasure of owning. Thanks to the good folks at for allowing this blogger to review fine, uh, drinkware for them.

For the Great Mug Review, Part 2, I present to you Kona Mugs from Noritake. These Kona mugs evoke the tropical paradise of Hawaii. More specifically, the special Kona coffee grown on the island of Hawaii. What better place to imagine while waking up in the morning?

The claylike, earthen finish of the mugs reminds me of the volcanoes that continue to shape the Hawaiian islands. It has the added benefit of aging well – these mugs will only look better through use and time.L1010719Isis helped me test the mugs. Right away we liked the look and feel of them. The interior has a smooth finish, making them easier to clean. Aesthetically, they look good filled to the brim with coffee or black tea.

There is no doubt these mugs do the essential task of holding liquid. What sets the Kona apart is the shape, size, and feel in your hands. While any mug can be used to drink from, the Kona provides that ineffable quality that adds something special to your morning routine. Go ahead: drink from a boring white mug. But do so at the risk of losing your soul.

This brings a happy ending to the Great Mug Experiment. Thank you for following along. My morning routine is one I take small pleasure from, and knowing I have a cupboard filled with admirable mugs only makes it better.