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Those of you dear readers not living in Arizona and that one county in Indiana may have noticed something strange over the weekend. It’s still light outside at night.

Daylight Savings Time, AKA The Stupidest Idea Known To Man, used to end on the last weekend in October. Not any more! Congress, in a fit of sanity, passed legislation in 2005 that extends Daylight Savings Time for about a month – one week in the fall and three in the spring. Those of us in Northern latitudes will come home in the pitch dark for four less weeks of the year. We won’t have to look outside our offices at 4PM and watch the sun set. We won’t get on our bikes, wait for the bus, or take our patriotic automobiles home in near total blackness.

What I’m trying to say is: thank you, Congress, for getting one thing right. You’ve started the job, now we need you to finish it. Abolish the time change altogether. It will make the world a brighter place.