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Would you like a digital drawing based on a photo of yourself? I can draw you! Choose one of the options below, single or couples portrait, then email me a few photos to use as reference.

$25 (US) for single portraits, $50 for couples.

I will email the drawing to you within a week!


logo work

I’ve been doing some logo work in addition to illustrations. Here are a few examples. I’m open to new work!

abbey road 50

I drew the Beatles in honor of Abbey Road’s 50th anniversary. Each has a lyric they wrote, or in the case of Ringo, the drum solo in The End.


Another month, another drawing challenge. I’ve been participating sporadically with #Dinocember. These are my results so far:

I started a new website dedicated to commissions and illustration work.

If you are interested in someone with my particular style, or know someone who does, have a look and feel free to contact me.