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friday robots: come see!

Of course there are Friday Robots living in Falling Rock National Park.  They’re just hard to find.  But come out anyway, you’ll have a great time regardless of how many robots you see.friday-robots-6-4-10-2

Please refrain from feeding the robots during your visit to Falling Rock.  Like Yellowstone’s bears, Friday Robots are wild but will learn to tear open cars if they know there’s food to be had.

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new business cards

I finally ran out of my old, makeshift business cards.  They were cards I never got to use from an old job, onto which I put stickers that had my name, occupation (“Full-Time Cartoonist”), and website info.  When I used the last of those up, I decided my next cards would be special.

I went to my old friends at Pinball Publishing.  They make 3.5×5 inch pocket postcards, printed on the same chipboard I use for my comic book covers.  They’re rounded at the edges, a nice touch.  I decided to continue the theme of Works Progress Administration-style art and draw a picturesque scene that visitors would find in Falling Rock National Park.  On the back, I have my name, website address and email, along with space to actually write a message and send the card through the mail.

If you see me at a comic convention, or, heck, while riding my bike, I’ll hand you one of these:joshshalek-business-card-grayscale

They are a reminder to visit Falling Rock National Park and to support your local cartoonist.  I can’t wait to give them all away.

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come see

come-see-falling-rock-mountain-watercolor-with-text2This poster for Falling Rock was inspired by WPA posters for various national parks. They either had the words “COME SEE” or “SEE AMERICA” printed on them, a beckoning for Americans to visit their beautiful natural wonders.

Unfortunately you can’t physically visit Falling Rock National Park, but you can always see new dispatches from that park at my website. Falling Rock exists in the minds of all its readers, so let’s make it grow, huh?

Oh, and why doesn’t Obama bring back the Works Progress Administration? We need to realize there’s nothing wrong with paying artists to make art.