city lights books


I cannot imagine a cooler bookstore than City Lights Books. Located in downtown San Francisco, and known for its connection to and championing of the Beat writers, City Lights is as much a cultural landmark as a still-thriving bookstore.

That is why I am pleased as punch to announce that you can find See America First for sale at City Lights. To be associated with huge mega-stars such as those listed above is a dream I would never have dared dream, and yet here it is, not a dream at all but reality.

My next book of comics will be written on one continuous scroll, a la On the Road.

Just kidding. I don’t think they make Bristol board paper in scrolls.

For those of you living in or near the great city of San Francisco, be sure to check out the zine rack at City Lights Books and buy a copy of See America First. Don’t make them regret hearing my name.