notre dame

In the year 2000 I had the great fortune of seeing Notre Dame in person.

When I studied abroad in Scotland I took a short trip to Paris, and wandered the streets without much of a plan. I turned a corner and there was Notre Dame, just sitting there as though it wasn’t one of the most beautiful things in the world. Of course I knew better

Later that night I met a friend and we sat inside the cathedral while the organist played Christmas music. I could feel history as I’d never felt it before. I believe in the importance of art, and of place, and this is possibly the best merger of the two.

Blog friday robot

friday robots

Happy winter solstice robots this week.  As this is the darkest week of the year, I thought I’d make some bright robots to pull you through.  Waves and sun, what could be more summery?  Happy Hanukkah, Christmas, druid solstice, or whatever.  Put some lights up and be joyful.