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new business cards

I finally ran out of my old, makeshift business cards.  They were cards I never got to use from an old job, onto which I put stickers that had my name, occupation (“Full-Time Cartoonist”), and website info.  When I used the last of those up, I decided my next cards would be special.

I went to my old friends at Pinball Publishing.  They make 3.5×5 inch pocket postcards, printed on the same chipboard I use for my comic book covers.  They’re rounded at the edges, a nice touch.  I decided to continue the theme of Works Progress Administration-style art and draw a picturesque scene that visitors would find in Falling Rock National Park.  On the back, I have my name, website address and email, along with space to actually write a message and send the card through the mail.

If you see me at a comic convention, or, heck, while riding my bike, I’ll hand you one of these:joshshalek-business-card-grayscale

They are a reminder to visit Falling Rock National Park and to support your local cartoonist.  I can’t wait to give them all away.

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new business card!

Although I was quite happy with the postcards I’ve been handing out at conventions for the past few years, I felt it was time for a change.
When I run out of the remaining postcards, I will be using these brand-new designs, fresh off the press:


I’ll be the envy of all my peers.

new business cards

Business card 2014

My brand new business cards arrived today. When you see me at a convention, I will hand you one. Looking forward to giving them all away!

Business card tiled