WonderCon, VanCAF, CAKE 2016

Although I still have a great time at every comic convention, I find myself with less and less to say about each. This year I’m grouping my first three shows in a single, easily-digested post. This is not to diminish my experience at each. If you met me at one of these shows, you saw that I was excited to be there. It really is a thrill each and every time. There’s the first hour of increasing worry that this will be the first show at which nobody buys anything from me. Then there’s the lunch rush. Then, from maybe 1-3pm, is when I get my most sales. I have to say, there is no caffeine as effective as selling my comics. It is a feeling that never gets old. For the rest of the afternoon I’m passing out postcards and trying to remain upbeat and engaged. By the end of the day I’m exhausted. I’ve been talking to my neighbors a bit more and looking forward to dinner. The close of the day is a mixed emotion: I’m thinking back over all the funny, interesting conversations I’ve had, ready to not be on my feet anymore, but also a bit sad to see it over. Fortunately, there is always another day and another show. So here’s to the first three of the year, and to San Diego coming in July.
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meet me at VanCAF

Next weekend, May 21-22, I’ll be at VanCAF in Vancouver, British Columbia. This will be my second time there; last time I was delighted by the venue (an old railroad turnaround) and the kind Canadian people. I am excited to be back. I’ll have all my books, including the brand new FALLING ROCK NATIONAL PARK #6 and my DINOSAUR COLORING BOOK. Stop by, say hello!


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VanCAF 2013

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VanCAF was a wonderful experience. Vancouver is truly a city of the future. Bike paths, easy access to the most startling mountains this blogger has seen outside the Front Range, community art centers that host comic festivals, kind attractive people. The Festival itself was small yet yielded great interest, in no small part due to the free admission and location along a busy pedestrian thoroughfare.

Among the exhibitors I found extraordinary talent. A small sample of the work is presented below:

VanCAF trades
Brett Williams – Laura Knows Best
Renee Nault – Witchling
Trevor Waurechen – mini-comics, including his 24-hour comic Open Bar
Laurenn Stipes – mini-comic
Bettina McEntyre – Noid
Laura Bifano – postcards of paintings of geometric animals
And of course, my gracious tablemate Matt Ocasio, without whose generosity I wouldn’t have been there at all.

You were a wonderful hostess, Vancouver. I hope to visit again someday.
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