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falling rock book 6 HAS ARRIVED

Like previous Falling Rock collections, Falling Rock National Park 2012 was printed with care by the fine folks at Pinball Press using only Lorax-approved materials.  Post-consumer recycled paper, chipboard covers made from recycled dreams, and soy-based ink.  It is important to me that the physical manifestation of Falling Rock hews closely to the ideology of the strip itself.

Don’t waste any more precious time reading about Falling Rock National Park 2012; you can purchase a copy and actually read it.  Right here!
Falling Rock National Park 2012 is the culmination of the 2011-2012 year, with 67 hand-picked comics plus one secret ingredient (hint: it’s love).  This is also the very last Falling Rock daily strip collection.  As I’ve said before, Falling Rock will continue as a periodical rather than the four panels a day you’ve grown accustomed to.  Falling Rock 2012 represents not only a milestone but an ending.

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preorder: falling rock book 6!

In anticipation of the release of Falling Rock 2012,
I’ve updated my Buy Books page.
You can now click on over and purchase your very own copy of the last-ever collection of Falling Rock dailies.

Let’s take a look at the cover:

Ready to buy?  If you’d like to have it signed and personalized, just let me know!

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falling rock book 6

Hello dear readers,
As you know Falling Rock has gone on permanent hiatus, at least as far as dailies go.  I’m going to begin working on the next iteration of Falling Rock, but in the meantime there is no need for despair!  For I’ve just sent Falling Rock Book 6 to Pinball Publishing.  Where would Falling Rock be, in print, if not for this great little press located in sunny Portland, Oregon?  Convention attendees across the country have remarked upon the cool chipboard covers all Falling Rock books, since book 3, with Carver sitting on a tree, sport.  There is no more fitting material for my drawings than the recycled paper and soy ink Pinball uses.

Falling Rock book 6 (or Falling Rock 2012, as it will be known henceforth) will arrive a few weeks before I jet off to my next convention in sunny Chicago, Illinois.  It will, of course, also be available for purchase from my website.  Check back for updates; I’ll have the form up soon for preorders.  I can’t wait for all of you to hold this last collection of Falling Rock dailies in your hot little hands.

As a bonus (“value added”), I re-drew a strip from last year that I hadn’t made in time for Scenic BywaysThis strip deserves to be in print; I re-drew it with a brush so it will look consistent with the rest of the strips in the collection.