the grand canyon turns 100

On February 26, 1919, the Grand Canyon became a National Park. The geologic formations, which are actually quite a bit older, were preserved for generations to come. In honor of this historic anniversary, I made a drawing of the North Rim.

Our National Parks are more than vacation destinations. They are our heritage and our legacy. They are arguably the most American thing of all. Without that protected land, innumerable species of plants and animals would have gone extinct long ago. Rivers that irrigate our land and water our cities might be polluted and unusable. In short, there is no human project more important than knowing what not to develop.

When these lands are destroyed, they never come back. Here’s to the Grand Canyon, may it last far into the future.

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Today I turn 32.  I am officially a thirtysomething.  40 is just around the corner, and with that comes early retirement spent entirely on my private yacht.  I only have eight more years to overcome my crippling seasickness.

How does one rightly celebrate the 32nd milestone?  I’m not going to try out for a pro basketball team.  Still too young to freak out and buy a sports car.  Too old for a bouncy castle (or am I?).

What I need is a goal; something to distinguish this year from all the other unimportant birthdays I’ll have.  What I want to have happen, when I’m 85 and looking back on my life, is to say to myself “I remember my 32nd year.  It was the year I _______________________________________.”  That yawning void should be filled with an achievement of exceeding awesomeness.

Drawing another year of Falling Rock is not enough.  Publishing my zombie book is not enough.  I want discovering-the-north-pole excellence.  I want cloning-dinosaurs ambition.  Maybe I should start taking steroids just in case I need the added muscle mass for whatever I’m going to do.

Stay tuned, dear readers.  This year is going to be Francis-Ford-Coppola’s-ego big.  It’s going to be series-finale-of-MASH big.  I literally and figuratively can’t wait for my 33rd year to begin.

Right…now.  Go!

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 Backlit_SaturnOn this day, twenty nine and a half years ago, I was born. Also twenty nine and a half years ago, Saturn was in the exact same spot as it is today. Saturn’s orbit is 29.5 Earth years. If I was born on Saturn, I would only be a one-year-old.

Does anyone know how to sing “Happy Birthday” in Saturnian?saturn+rings+moon

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Pygmy Owl

Today is my birthday, and so I dedicate today’s post to the pygmy owl. Pygmy Owl, the pissiest-looking of all the owls.