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birds are birds

From the sketchbook.birds-are-birds

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pigeons: gettin’ the job done!

Your guess is as good as mine.
I’m also working on a song based on the same theme.
Piiiigeons, gettin’ the job donnnne…pigeons-gettin-the-job-done-final


Self portrait with bird head.self-portrait-bird

friday robots

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the incredible, invisible hummingbird

What you see in the photo above is a hummingbird in our backyard.  Really!  There is a hummingbird who frequents the tree in our backyard for what I can only assume are nefarious schemes.  The other day I tried to photograph him with the results posted above and below.
Can’t see him?  Neither can I.  He is small – not small for a hummingbird.  Small compared to larger animals like ground sloths and giant squid.  He is green, just like the leaves that surround him.

Even though he can’t be seen here, he brings me immeasurable joy every time I see him humming around the tree.  Maybe one day I’ll catch a photo suitable for a birdwatching blog, but for now I’ll just post here.

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