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Babe of the Month

Falling Rock National Park Presents: Babe of the Month!
The Babe of the Month is Pam.
Pam is a javelina; she likes reading, writing, solitude, and the warmth of the desert sun.
Pam does not like being objectified, which is what makes her such a perfect candidate for Babe of the Month.

Pam will be Babe of the Month until further notice by the management.pam-of-the-month


That’s right, dear readers, Welcome to Falling Rock National Park has returned from its summer hiatus with brand new episodes. Carver, Dee, Ernesto, Melissa are back. Falling Rock’s perpetual Babe of the Month, Pam, is of course back as well.This is a sneak peek at one of the new episodes, starring Pam. We at Falling Rock know the world can’t get enough of a chain-smoking retired school-teacher javelina. What can I say? We aim to please.
falling rock is backClick the arrow above to get your daily Falling Rock fix. Don’t worry, dear readers, I will continue to post at this here blog as often as humanly possible. Will this be the record of one man’s descent into madness? You’ll be the first to know!

Babe of the Month: August 2013


It’s been far too long since I’ve announced the Falling Rock Babe of the Month. As longtime readers are aware, the perpetual Babe of the Month here at Falling Rock is Pam the javelina. She is a chain-smoking retired middle school teacher. I should have put text before the picture; most of you probably never even got around to reading this. You’re all slobbering over Pam’s attractive physique. Well, go ahead. You’ve only got one more week until I announce September’s Babe of the Month. (Hint: it’s gonna be Pam.)

Babe of the Month

Longtime readers of this here blog know that our Perpetual Babe of the Month is Pam, the chain-smoking javelina. She epitomizes all the qualities of a Babe of the Month. Her coarse, brown fur, her narrowed eyes, her standoffish personality. I can’t think of a more bodacious babe.

Oscar Woodruff
, an incredibly talented illustrator, has submitted a truly excellent piece of fan art. Like many a man, Pam takes his breath away. I can’t say I blame him. Behold, the product of his devotion:
Hubba hubba! Amirite, guys?

Babe of the Month

It is time once again to name Falling Rock’s Babe of the Month. This month’s winner should come as no surprise, as she is the perpetual Babe of the Month. That’s right! Pam the javelina has stolen the crown from herself yet again. Congratulations Pam. You embody all the qualities of babeitude, always and forever. You might want to get that cough checked out, though.