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5 day art challenge

Reid challenged me on the facebook to post three pieces of art a day for the next five days. Since this blog has been quiet lately, I thought I’d repost everything here. Today’s batch are all dinosaurs scanned from my sketchbook.
challenge1-3 challenge1-2 challenge1-1

5 day art challenge, day 3

On this, the third day of a five day art-posting challenge, I am posting work I did for BOOM! Studios two years ago. There are two pages of a test I did for them, and one cover that was ultimately not used.
If you are reading this as a lawyer, please note that I am not selling these, nor am I profiting from them in any way. Please do not sue me.

With that said, here’s the art!



5 day art challenge, day 4

Today I’m posting new work. These are studies I did of national park buildings. You never can tell when you’ll need to draw a new building.
Drawn and inked by hand, colored digitally.



5 day art challenge, day 5

The FIVE DAY ART CHALLENGE ends today. Here we have three (ok four) kachina dolls I scanned from my sketchbook and hastily colored just now. Looking at these guys, I might have to do some more kachina drawings in the future.


This art challenge has been exceptionally fun. Looking back through old drawings, making a few new ones. I’ll have to come up with more ways to share art on this blog. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.