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andy k watercolor

After initially getting the idea for this painting after my friend Andy got married last year in the mountains of Colorado, I made a Photoshop collage of all the elements, got out a nice piece of watercolor paper, did a rough sketch, and left it on the desk for over a year. Finally, last weekend, I decided to finish (or perhaps more accurately, “start”) it.

I don’t do enough with watercolors. This was a fun project. Happy belated first anniversary, Kate and Andy!

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black friday robots

Just a couple catheads for today’s robots. That’s Andy on the left, me on the right.
Have a great weekend!

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andy and kate’s wedding in paradise

Last month I had the distinct honor of being a groomsman at my friend Andy K’s wedding.  Andy and his wife Kate found the most beautiful setting imaginable to exchange their vows: the Rocky Mountains.  As the officiant/Andy’s cousin Dan mentioned during the ceremony, nothing can quite compare to the romance of altitude sickness.
Isis and I got to enjoy not only the brilliance of a Colorado mountain summer, but the excellent company of Andy’s family.
Andy’s brother Christian was Best Man, a title he took with all the sincerity befitting the younger brother of the groom. (As mentioned in the linked post, I should’ve already told you that he now has a girlfriend. She is awesome.  Sorry.)
True to form, Andy composed his vows a mere hours before the wedding.
It is not every wedding that has an official (unofficial) whiskey. Andy and Kate’s big day could not have been complete without the soothing intensity of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey. All of us on the groom’s side took a celebratory shot before heading out to get Andy’s knot tied.
Of course a weekend in the mountains would not be complete without a thunderstorm. We got a doozy the night before the wedding. It rolled over the Western mountains in the afternoon and knocked out the power for four or five hours that night.  Fortunately, the day of the wedding was clear and warm.
A special thank you to both Andy and Kate’s parents.  Without their guidance and planning, this weekend could never have been pulled off.  They created a space in which the rest of us could relax and enjoy the festivities.
Andy: you are the best. Congratulations to you and Kate. I’m so happy you found each other; now you get to spend every single second of the rest of your lives together.

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The Sound of Falling Rock

Ever wonder what it’s like to draw Welcome to Falling Rock National Park?
My friend, documentary filmmaker Andy K, recorded my process and made this short video.

Cartooning requires skill, patience, and of course a xylophone.

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Friday Robots

This week’s Friday Robot comes with a story. My documentarian friend, Andy, filmed the making of this robot.friday-robots-3-6-9
You can watch the video here, or here:


Andy K Explosion on YouTube

Dear reader, I have a tremendous announcement to make. Today my friend Andy (of Jukebox fame) sent me the link to his latest music video. Actually, his first music video.

I highly suggest you bookmark his YouTube page and drive his view count off the charts.

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Andy K from Otago Bay

fourcornerscoverIntroducing: my friend Andy. He writes and sings awesome songs. As Falling Rock National Park is the place to go for new music, and given its massive audience, I figured this would be the perfect place to break this young and exciting artist.

To hear the song, Healthy Happy Family, just press Play on the music player to your right.

UPDATE: Do to popular demand, I’ve added MORE SONGS to the right. Just click on the one you want to hear, and it will magically play. Enjoy!