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TacoCopter CHAPTER 4

TacoCopter is back! The fourth chapter of the TacoCopter Saga delves more deeply into TacoCopter’s psyche. He has reached an existential impasse. Will he wallow forever in self-doubt? Hardly. TacoCopter shows us that even drones have dreams.

If you’d like to catch up:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

And now, on to Chapter 4…

tacocopter-CH4-1 tacocopter-CH4-2 tacocopter-CH4-3 tacocopter-CH4-4 tacocopter-CH4-5 tacocopter-CH4-6 tacocopter-CH4-7 tacocopter-CH4-8 tacocopter-CH4-9

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