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Sunday Funnies

falling rock sundy funniesI wish that Sundays were twice as long as every other day. You really need more time to prepare for the upcoming week, mentally and physically. You need to enjoy your Sunday funnies, have your breakfast of choice, lounge around in your pajamas until a little after noon. Then you need to fit in all the errands you never got around to all week. Then you should have some free time. That’s what weekends are for, right? Then a nice dinner and some time in the evening. There is too much cramming if you want a Sunday done right. If elected President, I promise to make Sunday last until midnight on Monday.

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I always hated Sundays as a kid, knowing the horrors that loomed ahead.

In fact, I remember a Calvin and Hobbes about that very subject. “Any day that you have to do homework and go to bed at 8 isn’t a day off to me,” or something like that.


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