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This is the color of my skin:white
Sunblock is a necessity for me. Not just during the summer, but every day for the rest of my life.

Since I use sunblock so often, I’ve become something of an expert on its varieties. There are so many kinds of sunblock you really have to try them all before you find one (or two) that are right for you. These are what I use now, one for my face and neck and one for arms and legs.sunblocks

The one on the left is something new I’m trying. I used to use Neutrogena, but when I grew out my beard it never seemed to rub in. I always had sunblock in my beard. Annoying. This one seems to be working out all right. It rubs in well and the SPF 70 keeps me good for about 20 minutes instead of the usual 4. The only drawback is lack of sweatproofing. What I need is something that won’t rub off during a run. The search will go on.

The one on the right is an old standby. I discovered this in Tucson, still the only place I’ve found where you can buy this in stores. The gigantic bottle you see here was purchased online. The dinosaur on the label means it’s especially good. Even though it clocks in at a paltry SPF 44, it is water- and sweatproof and virtually indestructible. They claim it was tested on surfers in Hawaii, and I believe them. Put this on in the morning and it will be with you all day. That’s what I call hardcore sunblock. The makers of this sunblock also make sun lotion for people undergoing chemotherapy, so they know a thing or two about skin types and sunblock and how the two work together to ward off the evil sun.

I’m not exactly anti-sun. You have to give it credit for creating the proper set-up for the beginning of life on this planet. Why, then, would the thing that brought forth life also be the thing that destroys it? Why can’t I step outside without worrying about bursting into flame? These are questions for someone smarter than me. In the meantime, enjoy your summer and don’t mess with anything under SPF 30.

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That top panel certainly explains why you can't jump.


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