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A few days ago was the first 100+ degree day in Tucson. That is one sure way to know that summer has officially arrived. Similarly, the first 90+ degree day in Portland was last week. There’s no looking back, kids. Summer is here, so put on that Vivaldi piece of the same name, break out the sun block, stock up on “fun.” We’re pushing through ’til September.

Of course another way to tell for sure that summer is here is by the kinds of movies in the theater. We’ve been holed up all winter reading comics. Now we can go to the theater and watch those inert, hastily drawn figures come to life! No more wasting your time with your own thoughts. What used to cost the price of ink and paper now is done by computers at the rate of 14 million dollars per second of screen time. Progress!

I saw Iron Man yesterday and have to say, I was impressed. Robert Downey was funny and really made the film for me. Of course, having Jeff Bridges and Gwyneth Paltrow there didn’t hurt either. I kept waiting for Bridges to make some Dude-like comment, but it didn’t happen. And I did like the married-but-not-married relationship between Tony Stark and his long-suffering assistant, Pepper Potts (which is just a fantastic name). Yes, the action scenes were breathtaking. But the parts I remember liking most came from the characters. Once Downey puts on that suit, there is very little room for emoting.

I can hardly wait until Hollywood inevitably comes knocking on my door for the rights to Falling Rock. In the meantime, I plan on filling my comics with exactly the kind of action and humor that seems to be all the rage these days. James Joyce was first. You’re next, Stephen Crane.

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You’re going to punch out 2 of my favorite 5 writers?


Wow, I had no inkling that I’d be gunning for your favorites. Let’s see if I can go 3 for 3: F. Scott Fitzgerald is up after Crane.

umm… you can talk about summer all you want, but it’s currently 55 in chicago. we’re regressing back to spring.

In the 40s here in Akron this weekend.

You can kill F. Scott if you like, but stay away from Emily Bronte.


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