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steve jobs, 1955-2011

It is unlike me to mourn the loss of a CEO, but I find myself thinking about Steve Jobs tonight as I work on my iMac.

Perhaps it is because Steve was not some cutthroat billionaire, a rich man’s son who couldn’t see an original idea if it snuck its way onto his manicured garden.  He was a creative man as well as a technical-minded one.  He revolutionized the way we think of computers.  Heck, who would’ve thought it would be fun to use a computer?  Most people would say never.  But Steve Jobs reworked the way computers look and act, and forever changed the way we use them.

He also funded a start-up called Pixar.  Remember them?

Among machines, Steve Jobs was a human being.  Let his legacy be the relationship we have with our beloved (and sometimes hated) computers, be they the size of a wristwatch or the shape of a rocketship.  He made his statement on the human condition, on how we behave and what we want.  Really, what more can any of us hope to achieve?

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