Stephen Malkmus & Cat Power

I’ve been listening to two new albums this weekend as I draw comics. I can’t listen to music with lyrics when I write; that’s when I listen to Classical and Jazz. I always break out the rock when it’s time for drawing. This time it’s Stephen Malkmus & Jicks’ Real Emotional Trash and Cat Powers’ Jukebox. Both are great, destined to be on my Top 10 albums of 2008 (barring an outpouring of new music. But hey, it’s March already. How much more music can possibly be released this year?).

My friend Nate (of McBone fame) reccommended Cat Power to me and I must say the man has taste. The question, as I listen to each beautifully fragile yet well-constructed song, is not so much “is this a good album?” as “would I run away with her if we ever meet?” The answer is a definitive yes. Lest you think simple infatuation is the reason for my review, have a listen. There is something deep & meaningful in these interpretations.

Stephen Malkmus, a fellow Portlander, has made his second great album since the break-up of Pavement. I’m constantly wondering how he constructed such long songs. Is there a structure at all? Each seems to have two or three different elements that he switches between. I’ll have to listen some more to see if I can figure it out. Rest assured you will be the first to know once this nut is cracked.

For the record, I wouldn’t run off with Stephen Malkmus if we ever met. I would, however, play a game of pick-up basketball with him. If I’m going to run off with a guy, I’m holding out for Jimmy Carter. I heard a rumor that he might be our next President.

I’d better get back to drawing comics. This brief post has been a nice diversion from blue pencil maddness here at Falling Rock Headquarters.

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Yeah! Chan Marshall is such a great singer and a very clever songwriter. Metal Heart is my favorite on that album so far, with Song to Bobby right behind.

I’ve been eying that Malkmus CD too.


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