so i met this lizard

Sometimes, when a man is on a business trip, he meets someone.  This isn’t a permanent someone.  This someone will never replace the man’s wife.  It is a someone who provides a few moments of happiness in an otherwise dreary time of passage.

For me and my trip to Tucson, this someone was a tiny lizard.

I was sitting on the backyard porch, writing comics.  It was a beautiful sunny November day, with only the slightest hint of a breeze.  The killer bees were pollinating the rosemary bushes.  Occasionally the calm would be pierced by the neighbor’s idiot barking dogs.  I was gazing toward our pool when I saw something scurry across the deck.  I knew it to be a lizard.

Standing to stretch my legs, I walked over to take a closer look.  Here I was, a Thoreau in the desert, taking the time to admire the minutia of nature.  The lizard, not aware of my benign intentions, took a flying leap directly into the pool, presumably to escape this lumbering giant.

He swam back toward the lip of the pool.  “Good,” I thought.  The last thing I wanted was a drowned lizard weighing on my conscience.  He climbed a few steps and fell back in the pool.  It was clear his energy was quickly running out.  I cupped my hand and pulled him out of the pool.

He was a tiny thing, even for a lizard.  He looked to be gecko-like, with padded feet and an almost translucent brown speckled skin.  His tail was growing back from a previous encounter.  This lizard was living a full life, to be sure.

I bent over to let him off my hand, but he took a few steps back toward me.  My hand was probably helpful to him.  It was dry and warm.  He was still dripping with pool water.  So I walked around the backyard, slowly, making sure he got sunlight to dry off.  Occasionally he would blink.

After a few minutes, I set him on a warm dry rock.  Then I ran inside to grab my camera.lizard lizard2
He was a willing, though reluctant, model.  Lizards are, by nature, camera shy.  This lizard allowed me to take a few shots before he perked up, scurried off the rock and underneath the adjacent bush.

Our brief encounter was hardly what you could call an intellectual connection.  Had I met this lizard before I met my wife Isis, I doubt my life would look any different than it does now.  However, I am grateful to have spent a few fleeting minutes with this desert creature on my hand.

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As a man who draws lizards every day of his life, I am confident that your identification of this creature as a lizard is accurate. No need to check my field guide.


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