self-serving link round-up

Cartoonists and bloggers (as well as the overlapping “cloggers”) make great friends. In the past week or so I’ve seen an outpouring of news related to Stumptown, all of it good. I should point out that the majority of it is not about me, but the following is a list of links that do mention my name. In collecting them here, I wanted to prove that we cartoonists (and cloggers) are a generous and gorgeous breed.

From pre-Stumptown, this wonderful review of Falling Rock from partner blogger (and clogger) Stabbone and McGraw.

boy blue productions, the superhero alterego of Kenan Rubenstein, has a nice write-up of Stumptown including a mention of yours truly.

Midnight Fiction has a picture show of a few of the creators of Stumptown, including me in my Arnold Is Numero Uno shirt.

Neil Brideau, a guy who claims to have not attended Oberlin but hangs out exclusively with Oberliners, snapped this shot of Stumptown with me blocking a perfectly good view of the carpet.

Joshin Yamada took this picture, possibly the only photographic evidence of me in an Obama shirt. (Just kidding.)

In non-me related news, Stumptown neighbor Dennis P. (or D. Pacheco), creator of Neon Girl, finished drawing and coloring TEN BATMANS. I’ve only drawn Batman ten times in my whole life. Okay, maybe twenty. But never all at once, all in the same pose.

Thanks to everyone for your write-ups. I love you people.

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