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2010-08-16-falling-rock-national-parkFalling Rock returns for Season 5 today.  I’m so happy to be back.  If you could see me you’d know I’m dancing from one foot to the other in giddy glee.  It’s really hard typing this way.

This strip, along with the next two weeks’ worth of strips, was actually drawn way back in May.  It’s nice to have these finally see the light of your computer screen/iPad/3-D glasses.

To start the year off right, I picked an episode talking about the Falling Rock park in general.  Carver is, as usual, angry at natural phenomena way beyond his powers.  Park Ranger Dee is simply liking her job, up until the owl outburst.  I think Dee’s love for her work is tempered by her frequent proximity to Carver.  They’re opposites in many ways.  Dee came to the park voluntarily while Carver was born there and cannot leave.  Dee is tall, feminine, young.  Carver is a short, angry man.  He’s older than Dee in owl years, but I’m really not sure how owl years work – it’s more complicated than Celsius to Fahrenheit, I know that much.

Of all the characters, Ernesto the lizard is able to absorb the most of Carver’s vitriol without stomping off.  Dee finds Carver interesting as a case study.  If she were a psychologist she’d probably follow him around all the time, then write a bestselling psychological profile on him.  As she is simply a Park Ranger, Dee mentally catalogs Carver’s moods and then goes back to her dorm where she can determine how much of it is an owl thing and how much is Carver.

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