scott adsit, why won’t you accept my friend request?

Hey, Mr. Adsit. Really dig your show.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Scott Adsit two times last year, first at Stumptown and then at ComicCon.  It was a real coup, meeting an actor whose work I enjoy on a weekly basis and being able to tell him that without sounding like a complete nincompoop.

Shortly after our second meeting, I found Scott on Facebook, the social networking website that has taken the world by storm.  Oh, you’ve heard of Facebook?  Well, then don’t let me bore you.

I friended Scott, thinking our two meetings would definitely qualify me as Facebook Friend Material.  After all, I have all kinds of friends on The Face.  Actual real-life friends*, cartoonists whom I have never met but whose comics I love**, that girl I met at a party once and whose profile I return to almost daily***.  Having Scott Adsit as a Facebook friend would be both completely awesome for me and completely mundane for him.

After a few months went by with no email telling me Scott had accepted my friend request, I figured I had been quietly ignored.  Not so!

My friend request is still pending!  There is still hope for me to be Scott’s Facebook friend.  I am hereby using the mighty power of this blog to reach out to Scott in the hope that he will finally, and with great fanfare, accept my friend request.  Scott, I would love to be your 678th friend.

*Like Andy K, who has only used Facebook a total of three times in his life.
**Bill Griffith, Mike Mignola, and many more
***No comment.

3 replies on “scott adsit, why won’t you accept my friend request?”

I have the same problem.

Maybe if Chan knew that a little bit of every post I write dedicated to her, she would accept my friend request.

Shaft hates us both right now.


Shaft's been trying to friend Garfield Mug for years but has received no response. Hence his bitterness.

Facebook is destroying at least 7 lives based upon the blog (or "blah-g" as my friend Rose would say) alone. It's time to come into the light.

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