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prometheus spoilers!

Read no further! Loose lips sink ships. The Aliens have won already.

– the song that plays over the end credits is Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe

– the head Alien moves to Earth and takes the name Dr. Levon Buckles.  He becomes a podiatrist.
– Crazy Credit alert! “Lead Alien Wrangler”
– since 2000, Ridley Scott has had it written into his contract that there will be a shot in the woods.  Blades of light cut to the forest floor, floaties float in the air, a hawk will screech in the background.  Slow-motion violence will ensue.
– Sigourney Weaver has a hilarious cameo as the ship’s cook
– the mission in peril, the ship dangerously low on fuel and supplies, the crew not having slept for days, the movie ends with all actors onscreen looking directly at the camera and saying “What would YOU do?”  Cut to white text on black background: “THE END…..?”

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