Falling Rock book collections April 2009, March 2008, April 2008

Book 3

owl and other comics

great wave of falling rock

The Crater EP January 2008

crater ep cover

crater ep cd

Andy K EP (two cover designs) July 2008

andy EP

andy EP 2

Show poster. Chicago-based folktronic piano rock. May 2009

Ian Wilson poster

Telluride. Card design (blank interior) October 2006


T-Shirt designs. Our Lady of Perpetual Growth, Flying Robot, "Street Legal" Hood to Coast team

our lady of perpetual growth

robot for tshirt

street legal

Friday Robots. An ongoing, weekly project (November 2007 to present). I draw several robots and post them on my blog. These designs are done with different media every week, ranging from pen on paper, to watercolor, acrylic, photography, xerox, cut and paste, and Photoshop. I generally mix hand-drawing and Photoshop effects.

friday robots

robots nm

painted robots

painted robots2

robot over ncar

panoramic robots

Watercolor desert landscapes. These were used as website background images at one time or another.

watercolor index

watercolor comic

watercolor road

watercolor index2