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Planet X is for Lovers

xIn yesterday’s post I put forward the opinion that the moons of Jupiter and Saturn are more important for exploration than our Moon and Mars. Today I’d like to amend that statement.

Planet X is the greatest threat to our lifestyle since the liberal media invented the printing press. We need to send troops there immediately before Planet X’s population shoots lasers at our biggest cities.

Imagine the horror of the Eiffel Tower being knocked down like a child’s toy. Or the Empire State Building being ripped from its foundations and tossed carelessly into the Atlantic. Cringe at the thought of the Hollywood sign being torn up and scattered across the Los Angeles Metro Area. What would we do if these landmarks were destroyed?

Destroying Planet X must be NASA’s first priority. It would be a crime against humanity to let this ultimate evil reside in our Solar System a day longer.

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I'll try to use my remaining contacts in the real America to put together an expeditionary force. Meet me at the Dairy Queen at 4 o'clock with everything you got.

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