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photoshop experiment gone right

After much experimentation in my home la-BOR-atory, I’ve come up with a reasonable replication of color newsprint. It’s always kind of fun to fake analog processes in the digital world.

These are all from photos I’ve taken:square-desert-pieces Newspapers print in four-color separation and if they don’t line up all four colors exactly during printing, they get variations of this fascinating effect:square-desert-pieces-halftoneMost people would call this a mistake or an error in production, but I always find it more interesting than a crisp focused picture. Sometimes it happens on the Sunday comics pages and can work to some comics’ advantage. Tell me, would you rather see Garfield against a monochrome background or something like the above? I’d take accidental detail any day.

Apparently Patrick McDonnell loves the look of newsprint too, because in his book The Best of Mutts he reproduces his comics from the pages of newspapers. Rather than going for perfect digital cleanness, McDonnell chooses “imperfect” newsprint to display his best work. While at first his choice may seem illogical, it quickly becomes apparent how fitting the newsprint reproductions are for Mutts. A little randomness works in his drawing style’s favor.

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