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penguins, in honor of a new zealand wedding

The gentlemen of the sea, penguins are all dressed up with places to go. As I blogged previously, Morgan Freeman has a fascination with penguins. Others who feel the penguin love include Lyle Lovett, some French filmmakers, and Gary Larson.

Penguins were never mistaken by sailors to be mermaids (that was the manatee). Penguins did not send a delegation to meet Ernest Shackleton’s ship upon his arrival to Antarctica. Penguins do not have a seat at the UN. Penguins do not live at the North Pole.

Penguins do travel to New Zealand. There they frolic in the (relatively) warm waters, dine on local fish, and enjoy weddings on the beach.F1000018
Two good friends (of mine, and of each other) recently got married on a New Zealand beach, and in honor of this momentous occasion I dug up some pictures of the only time I had the pleasure of meeting penguins in the wild. It was a different New Zealand beach, on the south island near Dunedin.penguin3

A homemade zoom lens: put the camera up to binoculors, blindly aim, hope for the best.penguin2The closest I got to a real live penguin was when the group of us were leaving the beach. We took a path through the bushes and rocks. A tiny penguin popped out from behind a rock. Before I could get my camera back out, he was scurrying away.penguin1

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