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parting shot

jimmy-carter-says-yes-graphicThere are people – Republicans, mostly – who claim Barack Obama will be a rehash of the Carter Administration. It’s true, our country doesn’t exactly pine for the salad days of 1976-1980. What I don’t understand is the special kind of hatred conservatives reserve for Jimmy Carter. I do agree with them, to a point. There are Jimmy Carter qualities in Barack Obama. Of these shared qualities, what is it Republicans don’t want?

A President willing to stand up to the auto makers and raise fuel efficiency standards?
A President fully engaged in the peace process, willing to bring the Middle East nations together in unprecedented agreement?
A smart, charismatic President to follow one of the most disastrous (and, ahem, Republican) Administrations of all time?
Are these bad things?
Jimmy Carter says “Yes!” to peace, environmental protection, a progressive energy policy, and housing for the homeless. So does Barack Obama.obama-carter-08
Brought to you this Election Eve by Obama/Carter ’08.

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Look who the Republicans have trotted out the past few decades: Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush Jr. And they call Carter the worst ever? My God.


This is what the Republicans say is bad about Barack: he’s a good speaker, he’s charismatic, he is young. How horrible!
Too bad Nixon’s dead, since he was the opposite of all those things.

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