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oscar snub 2009

As an internationally renowned cartoonist, I’m often asked to weigh in on current events. My opinion is then completely ignored. I’m kind of like Colin Powell in the Bush II Administration. But that doesn’t stop me from putting my opinions out there just in case I need to say “told you so” later.

In that spirit, my beef with the 2009 Oscars:

No Bruce Springsteen?!? Seriously, Academy members, have you guys seen The Wrestler? Did you see the last scene, and then when it cut to black that familiar voice cut through the darkness to pierce your very soul? We’re not talking “shoehorn the title of the movie into a crappy rhyme” here. We’re talking a summation of the character’s journey in poetic verse, put to music. That, Academy members, is what the Best Song category is all about.

Springsteen did win a Golden Globe, which is just one more indication that the Golden Globes are the real indication of achievement in film.

I’ll just add this to my growing list of gripes with the Oscars. They refuse to honor some of the most enduring films, they continually shut out deserving comedies and animated films for Best Picture, and now they snub Springsteen. If I wasn’t such a fan of watching celebrities wear fancy dresses, I would probably skip Oscar altogether. What can I say? I’m a slave to fashion.

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I’m seeing the Boss live this May. Life always turns around and gives me something good to look forward to.

For my money, the best films this year were Wall-E and Iron Man.

I puke forever if Benjamin Button wins a single thing.


Slider – I saw him once, and even from the nose-bleed seats you could feel the heat of his awesomeness.

Nate – I’m with you. Wall-E has become one of my favorite movies of all time.

Yeah. Wall-E. I’ve seen it thrice now and it is very near to cracking my top 20 ever.


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