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As of a few days ago, Falling Rock National Park has been officially recognized by the United States government.  Not as a real National Park – I think those need to have “acreage” and “indigenous flora and fauna” – but as books.  Last October I sent away to the Copyright Office to have both Great Wave of Falling Rock and Welcome to Falling Rock National Park (the self-titled third book) registered.  I’d like to see somebody try to steal all my good ideas now!  My army of lawyers will suck them dry.copyright-office1 copyright-office2

In addition to paying for the right for nobody to copy my books, I discovered I am in excellent company!  Over at the Copyright Search, you can find anyone who has registered for copyrights in these United States.  In the same exact search engine that brings up these two fine Falling Rock books (available for purchase!), you can find:

Bill Watterson

Paul McCartney

David Hasselhoff (it is illegal to hassle his autobiography, Don’t Hassle the Hoff)

Virginia Woolf

Zooey Deschanel

And so many more!  It’s actually a fun game to type in somebody’s name just to see what the Copyright Office brings up.  I’m proud to be in such fine company.

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