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Those of you who have seen me at conventions will no doubt be familiar with the Falling Rock Show Poster.  It is patterned after the brochures you get upon entering any of this country’s grand national parks or monuments.  For the very first time, I will be exhibiting at Comic-Con in San Diego (July 11-15).

My poster, while serviceable for smaller shows, was not going to cut it in the San Diego convention center.  Therefore, I have ordered a 4 foot wide banner and stand that will be as a beacon for the comic-hungry masses.  May it draw them toward me and may they be satisfied by my humble offerings.

Of course I wanted to take this opportunity to revisit the poster itself.  I redrew the pictures of Ernesto and Carver, inking them with a brush and coloring the background with watercolor.  The result, I think, is even more dynamic than the original.  Introducing the design for my new show banner:
I hope to see so many of you in San Diego! Just look for this banner and you’ll find me.

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